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Hey everyone! Let me tell you how this community got started. I had the pleasure of getting to read an article about an American Soldier falling in love with an Iraqi woman. This is a beautiful story, and I hope to post it sometime.

Anyway, I wanted to find a way for this to mean more to me. So, I decided to start a community. I hate wars, I wish everyone would just get along. I ended up making it a world peace community.

Go ahead and join if you like the topic and want to do something to help.

Basically what we do here is discuss problems in our native society, and country, and try to find ways to fix them. We can also come up with some ways to settle disagreements without going to war.

Before I leave today, I have a song I wrote about that article I told you about.

Everyone can have their hopes and dreams.
Everyone reserves the right to bi-standards.
But everyone has the right to just plain disagree.
It just comes naturally.

This morning I opened up the Daily Newspaper.
I looked through the sports scores,
And suddenly stumbled across the world page,
Which I never used to read.

I saw a story of a woman,
And a young man.
True love,
Standin in the middle of a wartime scene.

An American soldier,
And an Iraqi girl.
Not the pair you normally see.
For those who misjudge,
With their bi-standards, bi-laws, and whatnot.

Why can't everyone see,
That life could be different,
Life could be peaceful,
With everyone making love like that???

Peace in the world is my motto.


P.S. Community News - I'll be working on a layout or something soon. If anyone knows any premade layouts that might fit this community, let me know, or if you want to make one or whatnot....

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